Ziyi different award and project (2001-02-26)

Want to know more about Zhang Ziyi's status?   There is a recent article in The Straits Times that mentions the korean actor Jung Woo Sung from "The Warriors", breaking up with his girlfriend of seven years for Zhang Ziyi.  On the same page it talks about how Leon Lai was originally cast as Li Mu Bai for Crouching Tiger.

Zhang ZiYi has recently been nominated for a BAFTA award which is the British equivilent to the Oscars for Best Supporting Actress. But sadly she didn't win the award. I think she may attend the Oscars ;) (Thanks to Mei4drew)

Zhang Ziyi's New Movie
According to some people on the message board and this Chinese article, Zhang Ziyi will appear in Wong Kar-Wai's movie 2046.

Crouching Tiger, and Zhang Ziyi have won the 2000 Daily Radar Awards for best movie and best actress.

Added Review of The Road Home from AICN.

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